About Us

About St Joseph's Stonehouse:

Our Parish is made up of a number of surrounding villages e.g. the Stanleys, Standish, Eastington and Frampton as well as Stonehouse itself and as new housing developments spring up we are delighted to welcome new parishioners. One great joy and blessing these new developments have brought with them is the fact that we are now an international parish family. And that is what we are, a family, we worship, pray, work and have fun together. We try to encourage each of us individually to use our talents for the good of the parish but at the same time ensure that no one person holds a responsibility indefinitely in order to allow the growth of the individual and the parish. Each member of our parish family is a valued member who in their own way enriches the whole family.

We have strong links with the other Churches in Stonehouse and we both help with and join in ecumenical activities, worship and ventures. We also support CAFOD, the APS and the training of native clergy through the Society of St. Peter for Native Clergy. To date we have supported a number of seminarists in both Africa and India.

We also value the links within our Deanery and our wider Church family and have joined with Stroud and Woodchester in running a successful RCIA group. We look forward to other inter deanery ventures in the future. Parishioners from Stroud often join us at Mass here and we also join them in their Church. Although we prepare our own parishioners for Confirmation we join with Stroud in their Church for the actual Confirmation Ceremony.

Why don’t you visit us sometime, we have a lovely Church Hall as well as a big car park and a good reputation for our refreshments! Perhaps you would enjoy our monthly quiz night on the first Friday of the month or share our quiet prayer time in front of the Blessed Sacrament after 10am Mass on Saturday mornings at which time there is also the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Maybe you would like to make some money at our car boot sales which are held on the first Saturday of the month in our car park.. We would love to see you and you would be very welcome.